How To Elope in Moab, Utah

January 17, 2020



Everything You Need to Know about Eloping in Moab, Utah

So many couples recently are opting for a more intimate and meaningful way to get married, especially with everything going on in the world with COVID-19. There are a lot of options when choosing where to elope – the US has so many gorgeous landscapes to run around with your lover in. I am a huge proponent of this and I wholeheartedly believe is one of the BEST ways to get married! So CONGRATS to you for making the brave decision to elope!

One of THE most popular elopement or adventure wedding destinations is Utah! With it’s four seasons, beautiful landscapes, and many national parks it’s simply a STUNNING place to get married at!

In this blog post I’ll be sharing with you how to elope in Utah. Including: the Utah state marriage laws, what the typical weather will be like per season, and a full list of Utah elopement location ideas so you can have a fun, meaningful, and totally kick-ass Utah elopement!

I’ve talked to so many couples wanting to elope and go somewhere epic, but don’t know where to start with the whole planning process and what they need in order to elope in Moab. First off, you and your partner MUST be present to apply and sign your marriage application. There’s no waiting period to get married in Utah, which is another huge plus!

You don’t need to be a resident of Utah to apply for a marriage license but you DO need to make sure to apply for one. It’s super easy and you can apply online for $40-60 and they can mail it to you. This means you don’t have to go to the closest City Hall and wait in line as soon as you get in Utah.

You are also required to have TWO witnesses over the ages of 18 present during your ceremony, I can count as one and so can an officiator if you go the super minimalist route.

Peak Seasons

Since Utah is a very popular travel destination you will want to check to see what the peak seasons are for the area you’re thinking of eloping in.

If you’re choosing to elope in one of the many gorgeous National Parks in Utah you can find this information on the National Park Services website. For all other locations you can find the information by doing a simple Google search or talking to a local ranger or guide to find out.

Gorgeous Utah Elopement and Adventure Wedding Location Ideas:

Choosing where you want to elope in Utah is fairly easy if you love beautiful landscapes and if you’re totally up for some fun adventuring! There are several different National Parks and Forests within Utah that offer a variety of different landscapes to choose from.

I’ve been to Utah several times now so I’ve compiled a list of Utah elopement and adventure wedding location ideas for you below:

Ready to Elope in Moab?

Let’s Freakin Do This!

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